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Located just 18 miles from downtown Houston, Atascocita, TX, is a rapidly expanding district in the region. This beautiful area hosts several amenities, including lush parks, museums, country clubs, golf courses, great public schools, and well-planned neighborhoods. One of the best parts about the area is that it is very well-maintained and focused on green initiatives.

Homeowners are also concerned about the effects on the environment and are increasingly looking into ways to make their homes more environment-friendly. Green plumbing and HVAC systems are a great way to increase the sustainability of your home. FloGuard Plumbing is a leading plumbing service in the Houston area that excels are providing custom solutions to our clients.

Our experts can recommend various eco-friendly options, such as low-flow fixtures that use up to 40 percent less water compared to traditional options and come in sleek designs to match the interior. Other options include dual flush system toilets that can reduce water wastage due to excessive flushing.

A big advantage of getting eco-friendly faucets and fixtures is that they offer incredible cost savings in the long run. While these do have a higher upfront cost, you can save money on water bills, heating bills, and operational costs over time.

Another popular modification many homeowners in Atascocita, TX, want is a home water filtration system. An upgraded water filter comes with several great benefits, including better water quality, improved safety factors, and less wasted water. You get complete peace of mind knowing that there’s no discharge of harmful residuals in the environment.

Our maintenance and inspection services are further designed to help residents avoid the hassle and costly damages associated with last-minute emergencies.

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