Commercial Lift Station Preventative Maintenance

Your commercial lift station is a vital, necessary part of your sewer system. By pumping wastewater upward against gravity, your lift station is preventing excess sewage from collecting. However, you’ll need more lift station preventative maintenance than most other parts.

What exactly does lift station preventative maintenance entail?

While the actual equipment will need to be checked from time to time, the most important part of maintenance is cleaning. With wastewater, buildup occurs very readily and will need to be cleared. In fact, most city and county governments require businesses to have their lift stationed cleaned monthly. While most minerals and materials can easily make it through filters, oil and grease are hard to pump uphill. Oils and greases will clog and slow the functionality of the lift station, sometimes breaking the pump if gone unnoticed. Our plumbing technicians carry out regular lift station maintenance in other forms too. This includes logging and monitoring flow readings, testing power supplies, greasing motors, and cleaning floats. In addition, we inspect alarm systems for lift stations, designed to immediately notify users in the event of a malfunction.

If you’re in need of lift station preventative maintenance, you’re on the right page. Our experts at FloGuard Plumbing have tons of experience with commercial lift stations. We have all of the skills and training necessary to perform proper maintenance for you and your business. We understand the importance of having a working lift station and want to make sure yours is in tip-top shape! Not only will you prevent nasty wastewater from accumulating, but you’re also erasing the risk of poisonous gases such as methane on the property. When it comes time for regular maintenance, you know who to call! We’ll have someone sent to your property in an hour or less to assess your needs.