Commercial Roof Drain Cleaning

Here in the Houston area, we know just how bipolar the weather can be. While it’s sunny one minute, there may be a torrential downpour the next. With that being said, your facility’s roof drain is extremely important. A roof drain is placed right under the surface of your roof. It’s used to drain excess water from the roof during and after the rain to prevent water damage. If it happens to get clogged, you’re going to need a commercial roof drain cleaning as fast as possible. Without a properly functioning roof drain system, water will collect and break down materials until it eventually seeps inside. What starts off small can easily turn into a huge expense. Besides, you don’t want to risk damage happening that would prevent customers from coming.

Why would I need a roof drain cleaning?

With time, leaves and other debris will start to accumulate in your roof drain. Think about the fall when all of the leaves are coming down at once. While most of it is washed away, some of it is left behind. Slowly but surely everything will buildup and cause a blockage in the drain that results in standing water. It’s possible that even small critters or birds could be the cause if you constantly see them resting on top of the building. No matter what it is causing the blockage, you need to get it handled immediately. Resting water can cause severe roof damage if ignored for long enough. It has even caused a roof to collapse in extreme cases. This would undoubtedly hamper business and cause profit loss.

I have good news! You may be able to perform a roof drain cleaning on your own. Most of the time it will just be leaves and gunk stuck at the opening of the drain. It’s easy to simply clear it out with a water hose on high pressure. You can also use a gloved hand or some type of tool to try and get the mess out. If none of these methods work, it’s time to call in the professionals. If you’re not careful, you may crack the pipes and cause further damage. When you call a professional, they can perform an inspection to determine exactly where the problem is located. They have all of the necessary equipment to handle any clog that you have. They often use commercial hydro jetting to perform your roof drain cleaning. While it sounds intense, it’s really just highly pressurized water jets.