Commercial Sink Drain Cleaning

If you’re in need of a sink drain cleaning, you’ve come to the right place! As a business owner, you know how frustrating it can be when a problem is preventing you from operating smoothly. Clogs are no exception… Whether your facility is a restaurant or a hotel, you most likely have a sink, maybe more than one. If we’re talking bathroom sinks, customers are constantly using them and rinsing down dirt and grime. In other cases, you may have food scraps and grease being rinsed down that will cause extreme buildup. If either of those are the case, it’s time to consider a commercial sink drain cleaning.

When different materials and sediments are constantly going down a sink drain, they will start to accumulate inwards from the line. Eventually, it’ll develop into a full on blockage that results in standing water. If the clog is fairly close to the drain, you may be able to perform a sink drain cleaning on your own. Generic drain cleaners will deteriorate the clog and allow free passage. Another method that’s commonly used is a vinegar and making soda mixture. When you pour this down the sink, it should do the same thing. However, we’re not always so lucky.

What should I do if my sink drain cleaning methods aren’t working?

If the do-it-yourself remedies aren’t working, it’s time to rely on a professional plumber. Clogs further down the drain line are much harder to access as a person alone and require special equipment and processes. When you call FloGuard, we’ll have someone sent to your facility in an hour or less to assess the situation. We understand that getting your sink drains to work properly is of the utmost importance. We have members of our team on call 24/7 for emergency commercial services. Our plumbers are licensed and have all of the skills and training necessary to perform the task!