Commercial Floor Drain Installation

A floor drain is one of those things that you don’t really think about until it malfunctions. However, they are actually very important. A floor drain is placed in a designated spot on the floor. Normally the spot is chosen because it’s either easy to access or is the lowest point in the room. Either way, all floor drains serve the same purpose: to get rid of excess water on the ground. If you’re opening a new business, have recently noticed standing water, or simply need a replacement, a floor drain installation is what you need!

What spaces in the building would an installation benefit me?

Simply put, there are several places/rooms that may benefit from a floor drain. First and foremost, you need one if your property has a basement. Basements often hold your hot water heater tank that contains several gallons of water. In the case of a leak in the water heater or a busted pipe, you need a place for all of that water to go. Commercial floor drains are also typically found in bathrooms and laundry rooms. If you have several toilets or showers in one place, the chances of water overflow are fairly high. If your commercial facility has a kitchen, you definitely need a floor drain. Kitchen floors are often deep-scrubbed and you have to have a place for the water to exit. Not to mention, kitchen sinks are normally large and pipes could flood in emergency situations.

Why is a floor drain installation so important?

Without a floor drain in some spaces, you’ll experience a considerable amount of standing water. While small amounts of water will dry naturally, large puddles will not. All of that water will start to accumulate and can lead to severe damage. Depending on where the water is at, it can cause both floor damage and structural damage to the property. Without a floor drain, there would be no way for all of that water exit and get to the city sewage system. When you get a floor drain installation, you’re furthering the safety of your building, staff, and customers.

If you’re a business owner and ready for a floor drain installation, you know who to call! Our team of licensed technicians at FloGuard Plumbing has lots of experience with commercial plumbing. We have the skills and training necessary to complete the task and strive go above and beyond. We look forward to serving you!