Commercial Gas Line Inspection

As a business owner, you most likely rely on natural gas more than you’re even aware of. When you happen to encounter a gas leak, it can definitely hamper your daily business and prove itself to be fairly dangerous. A commercial gas line inspection allows you to pinpoint any problems before they become dangerous.

When should I get a gas line inspection?

If you own a business facility, you should probably consider a yearly commercial gas line inspection. Inspections are fairly inexpensive and easy. In other words, it’s a good idea to add them to your regular maintenance routine. Because gas lines are so integral to your building’s heating system, we recommend getting them inspected before winter begins. If a problem has come about, it’s best to have it handled before any major temperature drops.

If you happen to notice any indications of a gas leak, you need to schedule an inspection immediately. Gas leaks can cause several physical symptoms. If gone unattended, they can be very harmful.

What all does an inspection entail?

When you call for a commercial gas line inspection, expect each exposed gas line to be carefully checked for leaks and damage. In addition, any appliances that run on gas will be checked, including their connections and fittings. Finally, our technicians will shut off your natural gas in order to run a pressure test for leaks.

As a responsible business owner, you should always consider taking safety precautions. When you order a commercial gas line inspection, you’re protecting your staff and customers from explosions and health risks. Our skilled plumbers at Flo Guard are always ready to perform an inspection for you. When we receive your call, we’ll have someone sent to your home in under an hour. If we notice any problems, we’ll be sure to give you upfront advice on repair measures and pricing. You can count on us 24 hours a day!