Commercial Grease Traps

Grease Trap Plumbing Services Available in the Greater Houston Area

Commercial grease traps are used widely in different restaurants, eateries, and fast food outlets in Texas. These traps catch grease and oils in drainage water. This prevents them from clogging up pipelines using a series of baffles.

What services are offered for commercial grease traps?

FloGuard’s team of plumbing specialists offers grease trap maintenance, installation, and repair services to ensure smooth drainage flow. We can give you expert advice regarding the best type of grease trap for your specific needs, along with the optimal place for installation. Our goal is to help you maximize your grease trap’s efficiency while minimizing the risk for your employees. In addition, we’re ensuring you meet health & safety compliance standards.

As you know, clogged grease traps can cause unwanted backflow that can pose a health hazard in your commercial kitchen. We offer scheduled cleaning and washing services to maximize the useful service life of your grease trap and prevent clogs. Call us today to schedule a grease trap cleaning or inspection for your business. You don’t want any damage to occur! If ignored, a clog can be costly down the line.

Why Choose FloGuard Plumbing?

FloGuard Plumbing is a licensed and certified plumbing service provider. We have several decades of experience helping facility managers resolve plumbing issues quickly and efficiently. Ensure the health and sanitation of your commercial facility with timely plumbing maintenance services from our experts. Our technicians have all of the equipment, skills, and training necessary to get the job done.

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