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Plumbing Services in Katy, Texas

The charm of a small town combined with the modern amenities of a large city, Katy, TX, is truly the best of both worlds. The community is rich in heritage and traditions and boasts an excellent quality of life for its residents. The proximity to Houston and the Energy Corridor makes it one of the fastest-growing cities in the region. FloGuard Plumbing is proud to offer its plumbing installation, repair, and maintenance services to residents in Katy, TX.

Our plumbers are well-accustomed to all residential plumbing best practices and have worked with all major plumbing equipment brands. We can handle all installations from new toilets and water softeners to water heaters, garbage disposal, and venting systems in your home. Additionally, we take special care to ensure that all new installations are configured to meet the specifications of your existing plumbing systems.

In addition to this, we also offer emergency repair services to residents and business owners in Katy, TX. At FloGuard Plumbing, we know that an emergency plumbing issue can come up at any time. That’s why we offer 24/7 emergency plumbing services for time-sensitive issues that can’t be delayed. Common plumbing crisis situations include burst pipes, leaking sewerage systems, faults in hot water systems, gas leakages, blocked stormwater drains, and leaks in roofs.

Residential and commercial plumbing emergencies should be dealt with immediately because they pose a direct threat to the health and safety of the building’s occupants. Broken, blocked, or leaking pipes, in particular, are issues that need to be addressed as soon as possible because they can destroy the interior, interfere with electrical systems, and even weaken the building’s foundation.

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