Residential Sewer Line Drain Cleaning

As you probably guessed, your sewer system is an integral part of your home. In fact, it’s really hard to go even one day without it functioning properly. When you aren’t able to shower or use the restroom, it definitely puts a dent in your daily routine. Besides, small problems will start to turn into bigger issues and nobody wants to stand in ankle-deep water if they don’t have to. A clogged drain is one of the most prevalent problems that homeowners face and it shouldn’t be a cause of worry. When you’re experiencing a tough clog, a sewer line drain cleaning is your best bet.

Several drains are connected to your main sewer line including:

  • Bathroom and kitchen sink drains
  • Shower and bathtub drains
  • Toilet drains

How will I know if my drain needs cleaning?

There are several signs that you have a clogged drain depending on the location. If your shower/bathtub drain is clogged, you may experience standing or rising water around your ankles. In addition, the water will drain very slowly and begin to pool around the plug for several hours. When your sink drain is clogged, several of the signs are similar. Water will back up out of the sink and drain very, very slowly. Gurgling sounds are common, as well as a rotting food smell if you’re dealing with a kitchen sink. When it comes to your toilet, there are several indicators. These include your toilet clogging and overflowing, a constantly running toilet, poor flushing, and leaks around the bottom of the fixture. If you’re dealing with any of these issues, it’s probably time for a sewer line drain cleaning.

Can I perform a sewer line drain cleaning on my own?

There’s no simple answer to this. It all depends on how clogged the drain is the material in the way. If the clog is minor, you may be able to rid of it with simple drain cleaner that doesn’t contain harmful chemicals. In the case of your toilet, you can often solve the problem with a plunger. However, if these methods don’t solve the problem then you’ll need to get in touch with a plumber and discuss a sewer line drain cleaning. The faster you call, the faster the issue will be resolved. If you attempt to do too much on your own, you may cause more harm to your home. Our experts at FloGuard are fully skilled and equipped to handle anything your home needs. When you call us today, we promise to provide quick and efficient solutions for your home.