Residential Sewer Line Leak Detection

A sewer line leak detection should be performed fairly regularly. As you can imagine, a leak in your sewer line is very frustrating and expensive. A sewer line leak can cause extensive damage to both your home and your yard. With that being said, you need to schedule a sewer line leak detection as soon as you suspect one. The easiest way to notice a leak is by simply analyzing your front yard. If one patch is looking particularly green in comparison to the rest of the yard, something is probably fishy. Likewise, a patch of yard that is soggy may have excess wastewater flowing underground. Another sign that you have a leak in your sewer line is a horrid smell developing throughout your home. It will often smell like rotten eggs and needs to be checked out as soon as possible.

When should I schedule a sewer line leak detection?

If you’re experiencing signs of a leak, a sewer line leak detection is your best bet and it should be scheduled immediately. Our plumbers here at FloGuard utilize a number of different tests to pinpoint the problem. When you schedule a detection, our plumbers will assess your home, discovering the exact location of a leak. Once it’s actually detected, they will offer expert advice and guide you through the next steps in the process. If you have a leak, it needs to be repaired immediately before it cause extremely devastating and costly damage. If ignored, it will cause damage to the actual foundation of your home. The soil will become too saturated and can shift, leading to cracks in drywall and concrete. As you can tell, the safety of you and your family will ultimately be compromised.

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