Commercial Water Line Installation

For all commercial properties, your water line is the root of your entire plumbing system. Your main line provides you with water for cleaning, cooking, drinking, flushing toilets, etc… Seems pretty important, right? Because of its constant use, natural wear and tear will start to appear with age. How long your water line will last has a lot to do with what material it’s made of. For example, water main pipes made of metal such as cast-iron or steel are going to last significantly longer than those made of PVC pipe. Regardless, eventually your main water line will have to be replaced. When it’s come time, call FloGuard to schedule your water line installation.

What are signs that I need a new water line installation?

While it’s never a bad idea to get your main commercial line replaced as it reaches the end of its lifespan, there are a few signs to look out for. These include:

  1. Low water pressure.
  2. No access to water.
  3. Whistling or banging noises coming from your pipes.
  4. Pooling/standing water in the building.

If you’re noticing any of these issues, there’s a good chance that something is wrong. While some things such as small cracks can be fixed with a simple repair, other times they are more drastic. Your plumber would inspect the water line and let you know the best route. If your main line is already old, it’s best to consider to a water line installation because issues will start to arise quicker.

It’s important that you don’t ignore or try to wait around for a water line installation. By doing so, your risking major water damage to your commercial property that could be dangerous for you, your staff, and your customers. (And not to mention, expensive!) Whenever you first notice an issue, call our staff of experts immediately. We will have someone sent to your property in an hour or less. We offer 24/7 emergency services because we understand that importance of your main water line.